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Our Policies

  • At Review committee meetings:

    • All work is read and viewed anonymously and respectfully.

    • Attendees can vote on their own work, but cannot comment on it at all.

    • If attendees know who wrote or created a submission, they should only comment on it based on the actual content. If they have worked extensively with an author on the piece, they should refrain from commenting.

    • Submissions must adhere to the formats listed on the website. The editors are not obligated to include a piece for review if it is not.

    • The editors must foster an environment where comments are encouraged and no member of the committee is coerced into voting in a specific direction.  

  • Responsibilities of editors

    • Plan and organe campus workshops (i.e., art documentation, writing workshops).

    • Manage media outlets (email, Facebook, website, etc.).

    • Run submission review committees.

    • Organizing and publishing the semester’s issue (i.e., coordinating efforts with the publishing company, formatting in InDesign, etc.).

    • Professionally represent The Grinnell Review.

  • Hiring policies
    • Potential editors will be interviewed for either the arts or writing position.

    • New editors are expected to attend orientation-related meetings.

    • New editors may have their acceptance rescinded if they violate Review protocols in the first 30 days following their accepting the position. Only after those 30 days does their term of service begin.